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My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Nonton My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Sub Indonesia – Kang Mi-Rae had a timid personality due to her ugly appearance. She was teased by people and even bullied when she attended school. Now, Kang Mi-Rae is beautiful after undergoing plastic surgery, but she still has her timid personality. Kang Mi-Rae starts her first year at a university. People are still mean to her and call her “Gangnam Beauty” in a derogatory manner. Meanwhile, Do Kyung-Seok attends the same university. He does not judge people by their appearance. He cares about what’s on the inside rather than outside. Do Kyung-Seok begins to like Kang Mi-Rae.

Kang Mi-Rae memiliki kepribadian pemalu karena penampilannya yang buruk. Dia diejek oleh orang-orang dan bahkan diintimidasi ketika dia bersekolah. Sekarang, Kang Mi-Rae cantik setelah menjalani operasi plastik, tapi dia masih memiliki kepribadian pemalu. Kang Mi-Rae memulai tahun pertamanya di universitas. Orang-orang masih jahat padanya dan memanggilnya “Gangnam Beauty” dengan cara yang merendahkan. Sementara itu, Do Kyung-Seok menghadiri universitas yang sama. Dia tidak menilai orang dari penampilan mereka. Dia peduli tentang apa yang ada di dalam daripada di luar. Do Kyung-Seok mulai menyukai Kang Mi-Rae. Download My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Sub Indonesia

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 60 min




My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty


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